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An Italian geologist recalled that the face of Iran is its mountains. A major nation, not the artificial land of the Fertile Crescent of Iraq. Iran specialists in Germany agreed that the invaders were misinformed or mad to consider conquering Iran militarily. It was supposed to be a Blitzkrieg.

And Iranians?

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What are they up to? Scorched earth policies?

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Only their mountains? Or are they readying their missiles? But against whom? And why Europe? Three hours later came the news of the fourth wave: this time from the Persian Gulf. Following bombardment from U. The spearhead pointed at the Iranian nuclear development center of Bushehr, on the Gulf Coast, one thousand miles south of Tehran. Confused tactics. Confused objectives. Confused reactions. Bedlam in the diplomatic world. The extended American empire lay before us: the geopolitical unity of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, together with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in the northwest and Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in the north, the Emirates and adjacent territories in the south, spaced and controlled by the lily pad chain, the center of the world, forming the geopolitical heart of the New American empire.

Clear as the light of day. Right here for all to see in the Times Atlas of the World. While Elmer continued studying the atlas, I went for a morning run along the River Spree just to try to think. From my new vantage point, the whole region of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the heartland of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and farther eastwards, had never seemed so near. Yet when I looked around me at the peaceful scene along the Berlin river, the late winter mists typical of Brandenburg, dim yellow lights behind curtained windows, a face in a window, a small Bateau Mouche slowing for a curve or for the passage under an arched bridge, that East seemed at the same time far away.

Time and space seemed unreal. I have the sudden thought that for most Western Europeans, Iran, so close in distance, is on another planet, under another sun. My atlases are right. Space is distorted, time bizarre and out of joint. Maybe it has always been that way. And, as usual, Western political power stubbornly steeped in vague academic ideas of Orientalism, still has no idea of the real reality of the East.

So now it has happened anyway. A great misunderstanding.


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A return to the past. War between West and East. The great war for civilization between civilizations. A huge, black, swollen, thick-skinned bellic bubble floats eastwards. In this moment bombs are falling on Tehran and Isfahan. Good-bye, blue skies. In silence, Elmer and I follow reactions from across the Atlantic. Cries for vengeance for Iranian chicanery echo over hysterical news channels and in the words of growing numbers of cynical neocon spokesmen speaking from the pages of the mainline press.

Weight can be stored automatically by the scale, or the user can input a known weight. Graph Your Weight : Weights measured by the Lilypad scale can currently be sent automatically to the Apple Health app, where they are recorded and graphed. Weight recording and graphing through the Google Fit app in Android is coming soon!

Using the Lilypad Scale requires that you have a device with Bluetooth 4. The best way to check compatibility with your device is to search in the app store or the Google play store for the Lilypad Scale app. The excerpts from the stolen laptop, another U. Some of them may be nuclear-tipped.

These disclosures prove conclusively that Iran has developed intercontinental ballistic missiles, posing an immediate threat to global security. God knows where he has lily-padded to by now. I believe I can communicate with him safely. Too complicated to explain. I hope we can reach Alvin. Floods of us are pouring in. Exactly where I told you.

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Many more behind us. At this moment, everything seems quiet. Embedded journalists alternated describing the situation as tranquil. The journalist reported U. S military claims that the Azeris, the major nationality of multinational Tabriz, hailed the arrival of NATO troops with garlands of flowers for the liberators.

Unconfirmed reports mentioned sounds of small arms fire. A freelance Dutch journalist, speaking on the streets of Tabriz, said he had heard reports that two U. Roaming foreign journalists reported many civilian victims. NATO spokesmen in East Georgia announced laconically that no further penetrations into Iran were contemplated at this time. Simultaneously, however, the BBC confirmed reports of thousands of Allied troops crossing the border from Iraq in the southwest. An endless interlude at that hour. While pacing the room, drinking coffee and chatting about disconnected issues we discovered we shared a love of chess.

Mirko, my political teacher in Belgrade, told me the story of a Serbian chess master, Maria Manakova, who fell in love with the Yugoslav Grandmaster. In a game with the great chess master she made a series of rash moves with her king as if in surrender—probably intentional moves—and then surrendered her body to him as well. The Grandmaster liked that and married her. Psychology or good moves? Crazy, eh? Around midnight we began a game. Elmer seemed elsewhere in his thoughts.

Off-handedly, one eye on the TV screen, Elmer checkmated me in a series of lightning moves in less than ten minutes. Silence reigned in the apartment in Berlin-Mitte. Lala and Antonia slept. Berlin slept. I took a double dose of lamotrigina.

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At about three a. By late morning, we heard, they had taken up positions around the holy city of Mashhad, a city of 2. European correspondents inside the country reported that the Iranian military strategy was to avoid head-on encounters. An Italian geologist recalled that the face of Iran is its mountains. A major nation, not the artificial land of the Fertile Crescent of Iraq. Iran specialists in Germany agreed that the invaders were misinformed or mad to consider conquering Iran militarily.

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It was supposed to be a Blitzkrieg.