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Another good thing: the characters are complex, interesting people with believable lives in a bizarre situation. We quickly come to care what happens to them. Then there are lovely resonances about memory and love, from whence the title comes. Take this early line: "Lately I'd had the idea that Clarissa's interest in these hypothetical letters [of Keats] had something to do with our own situation, and with her conviction that love that did not find its expression in a letter was not perfect.

Aeon for Friends

Such tenderness at the broken, finished their word moments later in the novel is bittersweet—and ironic, when neither one loves with "enduring love" like Jed Parry. Added to all this Platonic speculation is another layer: Love does not necessarily equal security. Even in our strong houses, our 4 x 4s and our stable marriages, we are not safe; McEwan knows this, and exploits it well in the novel. Rose is vulnerable, as any of us are, to passing fate and bad luck, and its frightening to see how scant is our protection.

It leads Joe to a lonely, dangerous place with everyone doubting him—including, eventually, us readers.

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There's an unusual and very welcome ending to the story, though not quite a resolution; the scientific and epistolary genres tend to leave things unsettled, with neither a happy nor sad conclusion. But the novel wraps up neatly, deftly, and it left me pondering on a train hurtling through the British countryside: who was Joe, who Clarissa, and who the lonely obsessive Jed Parry of all this varied, shabby, fine humanity in the train car, sitting beside me, inside me.

Enduring Love Themes

Rain Taxi Print Edition, Vol. Holland Love is eulogized in most blues and popular songs, and the more tenacious and binding the love the better: "The only kind of love is stone blind love," Tom Waits sings; "Love is blindness," croon U2; and we hum along. Among this haunting graveyard-like beauty is a cluster of stately red brick buildings, one of which houses the Department of English. Inside sits the esteemed professor of 18th- and 19th-century English literature Judith Pascoe. Keep in mind that Emily wrote her novel in less than a year, a single-minded pursuit carried out among the constant disruptions of living in the Yorkshire moors of the mids, including, as Elizabeth Gaskell recounts in her biography of Charlotte Bronte, the noisy modern railway churning through the countryside — with no regard for aspiring female novelists — and the much-anticipated visits by the postman, who might bring letters the sisters would fancy responding to.

Within the first few pages of the book, readers are all on the bullet train with Judith Pascoe and Emily Bronte.

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While the Hollywood version played down these scenes, the Japanese versions embraced the more sordid episodes. As the wind starts howling, I imagine the Spanish moss slinging itself across the campus quad.

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Ota introduced Pascoe to the works of Chikamatsu Monzaemon, the dramatist who explored themes of double suicide in bunraku puppet theater and kabuki productions. In such trysts, the two lovers become one another. The novel begins with Catherine revisiting the Wuthering Heights house — was she coming back to claim Heathcliff and kill him?

Love's Enduring Promise / Revised - eBook: Janette Oke: -

I wondered. The scene is significant for another reason, too, that Western audiences might not suspect. While the specter that appears presents a frightening scene in the original novel and the Wyler movie, Pascoe discovers a cultural disparity: Ghosts are not always scary in Japan. In addition to a romance, the Japanese also see a multiple family saga where Catherine and the urchin Heathcliff engage in a genuine love that can never be realized because of class differences.

Catherine ends up marrying Edgar Linton, a man who will provide her with the wealth she needs to live the life of a society woman. This also, I suspect, many Japanese women can identify with as it is still common to value wealth and status over true love when it comes to marriage in Japan.