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  1. Adding a monetary threshold to a subscription
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This includes adopted children, step children and some foster children.

Adding a monetary threshold to a subscription

In certain circumstances a parent taking an inheritance from a child qualifies for Group A. Where the parent takes full and complete ownership of the benefit Group A applies.

Group B: The person receiving the gift or inheritance has a family relationship with the person giving it. You pay CAT on the total of all the gifts or inheritances that you have received throughout your lifetime. The rules for how you add them are the aggregation rules. For more information on this, see CAT aggregation rules in this section.

Threshold | Definition of Threshold at

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So many fascinating people. On the final episode of season two of Threshold , we pull back a little and try to see the big picture. Join us as we bust some myths, travel back in time in a Swedish forest, and search for roadmaps into the future. The Greenland ice sheet is basically a giant ice cube the size of Alaska. What happens when it melts?

Computer Science > Data Structures and Algorithms

We spent five days camping out on the ice with a team of scientists who are trying to find out. All across the Arctic, indigenous languages are on the decline. But in many communities, people are finding new ways to reclaim both language and culture.

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Join some Inuit rockers in northern Canada in the recording studio, singing in their own language and making their first new studio album in more than 30 years. Half of the Arctic is in Russia, and half of Russia is in the Arctic.

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Oil, minerals, pollution -- it's a web of complicated environmental stories that need to be told.